What would be the best CPU platform for the LittlevGL?

Hi everyone,

I am making a plan to develop an MCU bord, on which the LittlevGL suppose to run over FreeRTOS. The board will support over 7" to 10.1" TFT LCD with a touch screen.
I consider which CPU I employ for the project; STM, Microchip, NXP, TI, or Allwinner, etc.

Which CPU do you think the best (off the top of your head)? In terms of the price-performance ratio and the development tool friendly.


In terms of price-performance - you should consider ESP32.

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I see only 1 issue with ESP32. It has only SPI port to drive a display and a 7"-10" TFT could have quite large resolution (800x480?) So e.g. to send 800x480x32 bit even with a 80MHz SPI would take 150 ms for every frame.

It’s not entirely correct, ESP32 can also drive 8-bit parallel bus.

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Thanks, I didn’t know about it!

Ive tried the parallel spi and yes it works. i just have to choose the non parallel one cause i needed more pins and i only have the 2.4” version. And the pins are really designed to fit an uno.
I am thinking another possible project for this one.

A board should be designed for this lcd. I can contribute a pcb layout for such a board. :slight_smile:

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I’m using an Atmel (sorry, Microchip) SAMA5D27 with 5" and 7" resistive touch LCDs, 800x480 24 bit RGB interface. Performance is NOT an issue :slight_smile: The number of other peripherals on this <$10 processor means it’s a total winner for my project!

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ESP32 is working great for me. I’m using a 3.5" touch TFT (320*480 - SPI) and the refresh rate is only noticeably slow when refreshing the whole screen…
I’ll be posting a demo video here soon…

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Thanks for the information! Microchip (Atmel?) SAMA5D27 looks to be becoming a dark-horse.
The ESP32 is also attractive for small LCDs, but I worry it doesn’t have dedicated LCD interface pins for larger LCDs.

Found this:

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