My littlevgl adventure :)

Hi all,
Just want to share what i got so far after less than two weeks with little vgl.

This tool just made creating the layout fun. And to think that I have very little non formal programming background this is already a feat for me.

Now i just hope i dont get stucked making this functional.

Best regards to all.

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Looks great. nice work.

Very impressive, especially after only a couple weeks! I was not nearly as efficient with my time, but to be fair to myself I was also working on adding functionality simultaneously with the design :slight_smile:

Great work!
Can you send a closer picture and write some words about your project?

Thanks @kisvegabor.
This is for a cnc laser machine i am building. Ill be loading grbl on it and i was thinking why not make it work autonomously without tying a pc or rpi or a phone to it.
I have too much time to spare so learning some new skills, maybe programming, is a good way to spend my days.

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Cool project! Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

It would be awesome if i can get it working. Thanks for all the help this group had been giving me. Couldnt make it this far without your guys’ help. Especially you and @embeddedt. Please help me all the way. Hahah.
Regards. :smiley:

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