Freetype font show error in version 6.1.1

I used freetype in version 6.0 before, and it worked well;But when I replace it with 6.1.1, the font show error;What’s the difference between 6.1.1 and 6.0?

; V6.0

Check if subpixel hinting is enabled (the subpx field in the font structure). Chances are you want to disable it for compatibility with 6.0.

That 's the problem!Thank you very much!

I assume you are creating the lv_font_t structure dynamically, since you’re using FreeType.

Do you zero the buffer before setting any of the structure fields? LV_FONT_SUBPX_NONE is intentionally equal to 0 so that existing programs continue to function. If not, you might want to consider doing that so you don’t run into this problem if/when another new field like subpx gets added.

Glad to hear that it fixed you issue!

How fast was FreeType on your embedded hardware? (and what kind of hardware do you use?)